Friday, August 28, 2009

i think i'm moving again. got till tomorrow to make up my mind, but meanwhile, click here and have a peep. leave me a comment too, that will tickle me pink : >

edit: お待たせしました!i've decided to go ahead with it for now. the site was down for a little while but it's all right now. so hop on over and bookmark the new blog!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday, June 7, 2009


i think it's time to lay those unrealistic expectations to rest. it's just too much hard work, and really bad for the nerves, for a matter of fact.

i'm unique, no doubt. just like anyone else. but i'm ordinary as well. just like anyone else.

i guess i'm nothing else but me. like it or not, plain ol' average me. no third limb, no seventh sense.

and i'm grateful for that.

Sunday, May 31, 2009


project 365 is now downgraded to project what-is-left-of 52. i think i stand a better chance at posting a photo a week than one everyday. :( here goes the first:

Amelie. illustrations by 100% orange.

and here's something else bicycle related that i stumbled upon. my pillow was a little wet after watching it, and no it wasn't drool. definitely worth watching:

Saturday, May 30, 2009

it doesn't have to matter

quite a lot happened (a bulk of it in my mind though) and as usual, i'm terrible at expressing them in words. but i do believe it's time to put on a funny polka-dotted hat and remind myself of my new year's "resolution/theme" for this year : 気楽に。。。気楽に。。。

Sunday, May 10, 2009


and finally, as promised, pictures of the pride and joy of japanese people. there are of course, many types of sakuras, but here in japan, the 染井吉野 (somei yoshino) is probably the most common. i call the someiyoshinos cotton candy sakuras.

i was taking close-up pictures of the blossoms in my school when sugawara sensei came over again and talked to me about the flowers. there was this young tree with flowers a slightly darker shade of pink and it was surrounded by a few sturdy someiyoshinos. it looked much frailer with its branches hanging down than its cotton candy counterparts.

sugawara sensei went on to tell me that that was the 枝垂れ桜 (shidare zakura), and how people usually prefer the someiyoshino, but not he, because...

and he was lost for words. the tiny tree was obviously overshadowed by its perkier cousins and not half as eye-catching. but i could understand why he felt so, even if he didn't know how to verbalize it. and i appreciate that there people in this world with a soft spot for the more delicate beauty in life.

but the following tuesday, i walked through the しだれ桜散歩道, 1 minute away from the school i visit some tuesdays in kitakata, and had my breath taken away. a tiny tree might not make that huge a statement, but put 1000 of them in a row and you get a whole new story. if the somei yoshino is beautiful in a poofy kind of way, then the shidarezakura is just quietly gorgeous.

and i say that because it was actually past the peak time for viewing the blossoms in kitakata. after a heavy downpour the sunday before and strong winds that continued to blow, i wasn't expecting such a turnout. though the petals had already started to fall and little green leaves were peeking out of the branches, the petal-strewn street simply added on to the charm. and there's nothing more romantic than being caught in a moment when sakura petals flutter around you.

and the last picture. did somebody just say dreamy? indeed. and it didn't even need the help of photoshop.

Monday, May 4, 2009

project not exactly 365

i know a part of me will probably regret deviating from the format that i decided on in the beginning of the year. things always seem to look better in a set. and people look for a certain consistency, a style by which to identify the photographer/artist with. of course i use the term photographer/artist loosely. because well, i take photos and i draw, but i won't exactly venture to call myself a photographer or an artist.

but i'm keeping at it, despite being distracted lately. during my month of absence here at the blog, i kept myself busy and picked up a few sports along the way. i've always labeled myself as the one with three left feet, but i'm actually pretty decent. decent enough to enjoy myself. it helps to be grown up enough to walk away from critical voices, of which the loudest is obviously mine.

i wonder what took me so long.

but all is well. yet another change? i think i can deal with that.